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WISE San Diego is excited to have successfully wrapped up another year of the WISE Within mentoring program.

As a national signature program, WISE Within gives dedicated mid-level professional women valuable access to senior-level executives who can share knowledge and experience – and provides mentors the opportunity to give back to women in the industry by guiding and nurturing the next generation of leaders.

This year, WISE Within in San Diego involved five solid mentor / mentee matches of women in varying stages of their career. As a mentee-driven program, a pivotal element of the cycle is regularly scheduled personal one-to-one meetings between the matches. We saw many of our mentees use this personal engagement with their mentors for things such as resume review, establishing career goals, and of course…getting social via plenty of happy hours!

In addition to solid professional development and guidance, another great element of the WISE Within program is forging meaningful and long-lasting relationships between mentor / mentee matches.

Just ask one of our mentorship pairs, Kristi Roehm and Erin Mooney:

“Wise Within is a rewarding experience.  When I researched the program, the benefits of being a mentor that spoke to me the most were “the opportunity to give back to women in the industry by guiding and nurturing the next generation of leaders” and “the opportunity to reflect upon and share the successes and challenges of your personal career journey”. 

As a mentor, I don’t think we ever stop learning, and certainly don’t always learn the most from our elder peers.  My mentee Erin was extremely driven in her engagement.  With an agenda in hand each time we met, we discussed a variety of challenges one faces in their career – how to overcome disappointment, inter-office conflicts, the ongoing search for the ‘dream’ job.  We also met for golf, happy hours and attended WISE events together.

I gained as much from the experience as I think she did, with the result being a relationship that I hope to have with her for a long time to come.”

~ Kristi Roehm


“Participating in the WISE Within program helped me develop both professionally and personally. My mentor Kristi is an amazing resource that I have been lucky to learn from. She was enthusiastic and involved throughout the process and has continued to support me since its conclusion. Kristi and I were able to create a meaningful relationship by sharing experiences, advice, and laughs. I gained more than a mentor through this process, I gained an ally and a friend.

~ Erin Mooney
Stay tuned for more information on WISE Within events coming within the next few months!

January 2017 -WISE Within Speed Mentoring Roundtable
February 2017 – Applications available for WISE Within 2017 Mentorship Cycle
For more information on the WISE Within program, visit http://www.wiseworks.org/wise_within